Physical Education

At Haseltine children will have vital experiences that will build self-confidence, need resilience and always aim for excellence. In physical education these experiences include competition as a natural indicator and often valuable spur to achievement by individuals.
All children receive a minimum of two hours PE and games per week. Haseltine has its own dedicated PE teacher to oversee and ensure quality in all aspects of the PE curriculum.

Where possible, the PE curriculum will cross over with the topics being taught in the class room, using topical vocabulary, historical references helping to cement knowledge and understanding.

We seek through games to:
  • Inspire children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities
  • Enable children to become physically confident in a way in which supports their health and fitness
  • Build character and help embed values such as fairness, respect and determination
Aims of PE curriculum:
  • To develop skills in a broad range of physical activities
  • To be physically active for a sustained period of time
  • To engage in intra and inter school competition
  • To encourage all children to lead healthy, active lives

Additional to the PE curriculum there are also opportunities to become involved with after school sports clubs such as Netball, Football, Taekwondo, Street Dance and Athletics. These clubs are run by Haseltine staff and qualified coaches from local clubs. The clubs are focused on improving basic skill levels, having FUN and increasing participation in sport and physical activities.

View Haseltine’s Games, Physical Education, Dance and Swimming Curriculum below.

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