Through the Computing curriculum, we endeavour to provide our children with the knowledge and skills that will help them to succeed as the technological world changes and develops around them. At Haseltine, we are fortunate to have the use of innovative technologies such as a 3D printer, as well as a large number of iPads and laptops for pupils to use in class. We also have a well equipt Computing Suite, where our children have the opportunity to learn discrete computing skills and apply them across the curriculum.

The Computing curriculum focuses on three strands that will support the children to become not only computer literate children but also skilled creators and adaptors of technological programs:

  1. Computer Science– the children use software, such as Scratch, to code (write instructions for computer programs), taking account of variables and improving the effectiveness of commands they are writing. This will underpin their understanding of how computer programs work and will open a world of career opportunities for the children to embark on in the future.
  2. Information Technology– this aspect is similar to a more traditional view of ICT. The children will learn how to use word processing programs to present information including photographs, videos, research and web pages. We also expect the children to be able to analyse their learning and to target their presentations to particular audiences.
  3. Digital Literacy – in this strand we will support the children to understand how to use the Internet and technology safely and respectfully. We will teach them different methods of digital communication that will support their learning, as well as encouraging them to become discerning of digital content. We also educate our children in Online Safety. We want to ensure that our children are equipped with the knowledge to use technology safely and sensibly. It is also important that children know what to do if they do come across material that in unsuitable on the Internet.

We teach them to stay ‘SMART’, by giving them rules to help them to stay safe online and also encourage them to apply ‘THINK’ strategies when they are posting or responding to others. Please see below for our Online Safety Policy, which includes Online Safety Agreements we make with staff, pupils and parents.

We follow the iCompute Scheme of Learning, which is based on the Computing Program of Study (published by the DfE in September 2014). This scheme supports our teachers to ensure that the children’s skills progress year on year. 

We are keen to encourage the use of technology throughout all areas of learning and not just in standalone lessons. The children will be able to access the laptops or iPads throughout the week, which will provide learning opportunities that would not ordinarily be possible. All curriculum areas benefit from the provision of our iPads. Apps are carefully selected and downloaded to best help children move forward in different subject areas.


Children using laptops
Children using iPads

The London Grid for Learning

Each child at Haseltine has their own log in details for the London Grid for Learning (LGFL). This allows them to send emails to their peers, blog about their learning, search for pictures that are copyright free and access apps that are suitable and useful for their learning.

All of this is done with the safety of the LGFL security settings and class teacher monitoring to ensure the children are communicating and sharing in a safe environment.


Mobile and Technology Safety (Online Safety)