Keeping your child safe everyday
Here at Haseltine the security of your children is our priority. We work hard to ensure that nobody can access our building throughout the school day without us seeing them and letting them in. At the same time we always make sure our visitors are welcomed into the school.
We have two main entrances: one for the nursery and one for the main school. Both of these entrances have intercom systems with cameras – we can always see who we are letting in. There is a second entrance in the main playground that is only accessible at the start and end of the day.

haseltine_owl_shieldCCTV and intercom system

The gates in the main playground are opened at 08.45 and locked again at 09:05 by the attendance team. The gates are then reopened at 15:15 and locked by 15.30. The nursery entrance is only ever accessible using the intercom system. We also have cctv at our main entrance and in our playground.

Once a visitor has been given access into the playground they then need a member of staff to let them in through the door and escort them to the school reception office, currently though, people are advised to wait outside and a member of staff will come out to meet them (because of Covid-19 restrictions).

On the ground floor the doors to the reception classes and staircases are operated by an electrical fob, if the fire alarms do go off the doors automatically open.

Haseltine’s Vision

"To inspire all children to have a life-long love of learning, allowing them to thrive in a modern, diverse society."

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