Meeting Needs

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Additional Educational Needs

Like most schools we have a number of pupils who have additional educational needs. Such needs may include:

  • Physical or sensory needs
  • Communication difficulties
  • Behavioural issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Medical conditions
  • Circumstances which mean a child may need extra support, e.g. because they have an allergy, are new to the country and speak very little English or have recently experienced bereavement.

Children with additional educational needs may need extra help and support from us. At Haseltine we have a dedicated team who provide support for those children who have additional educational needs.

The support we provide to these pupils is co-ordinated by our SENDCo/Inclusion Leader, Hilary Tumilty. She liaises with a range of agencies such as the speech & language therapy service, occupational therapy and the community paediatric team.

Monitoring children’s progress

We provide learning which meets the needs of each and every child. If the school has concerns about the progress a child is making, steps will be taken to provide a support plan within school for that child and we will monitor closely how the child progresses with this extra support. The governor who has responsibility for special educational needs is Michelle Rosemond.

When, despite relevant, sustained and purposeful intervention, a child continues to experience significant and persistent learning difficulties the school may submit a detailed report to the Local Authority requesting that the child undergo a statutory assessment of his/her additional educational needs. The aim of this assessment is to decide if the child should be given further additional individual support through the provision of a Statement of special educational needs.

As well as assisting pupils, Ms Tumilty is able to support and guide parents and carers. If you require any help or advice, or are concerned that your child may have additional educational needs, please do not hesitate to contact her through the school office.

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