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What a busy year we are having!

What a busy year we are having! There have been so many exciting events over the last few weeks: Museum Night, Spring Music Festival Events, World Book Day, Family Assemblies, trips out and visitors in! We have also been raising money for various charities – including...

3GR Looked at the Sculptures of Swiss artist Giacometti.

3GR looked at the sculptures of Swiss artist Giacometti. Inspired by his tall, thin, bronze sculptures , they created figures using tin foil. They then applied a layer of plaster bandage to create solid sculptures. Once dried, they were painted using black and bronze...

2E Were studying Antarctica

They created penguin pictures using a variety of techniques and mediums. Firstly they drew penguins using chalk and charcoal. Background snow scenes were painted using  a thin wash for the sky and thicker textured paint for the snow. [gallery...

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