Haseltine Travel Plan

London Borough of Lewisham school travel and accreditation plan

To achieve Outstanding standard Haseltine had to demonstrate exceptional results in at least one of the following categories: walking/scooter, cycling, road safety, public transport or student lead project.

In 2016 and 2017 we have been awarded the Transport for London Stars Gold Level for our school travel plan. We have been involved in many projects recently which are ongoing.

We have many bikes in school, including balance bikes and scooters for our younger children. Our older children take part in Cycle Confident. We have activities in the playground to encourage road safety. We hold many events to encourage children walking to school and our Junior Road Safety Ambassadors (JRSA’s) ensure that our children are travelling to school more safely.

We work with our community to ensure safer parking around the school and with the local authority to reduce the number of  heavy vehicles using Haseltine Road.

A new incentive is to reduce the number of cars idling at the school drop-off and pick-up to reduce pollution around our school.


Junior Road Safety Ambassadors

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Our job is to make travelling to school safer and more active and help our friends get ready for their journey to Secondary School.

We got GOLD

Have fun walking to school

Cycle Confident – Year 6


Cycle Confident will provide Bikeability training, level 1 & 2 for schools throughout London and the UK introducing children to cycling on the road.This training will be offered to our year 6 children in March 2017.

Year 6  Bikeability Level 1&2 Course. March 2017
Year 3  Bikeability level 1 Course. March 2016
Balance, Pedal and Scoot

Act Smart

Bringing the School Travel Plan to life!

Last term our Drama after School club children, Miss Macnab and Francis Smith from Act Smart have been devising their own performance to show to the whole school what STP is all about using an original script.

Giant Walking Bus

Children walked around the school to make drivers aware of road safety around the school area and to go 20miles an hour.


Our Prospectus

Haseltine Primary School Prospectus 2013

Haseltine’s Vision

"To inspire all children to have a life-long love of learning, allowing them to thrive in a modern, diverse society."

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